Adding a fire pit to your backyard landscape can make parties more enjoyable and really help to bring your family together.  Roasting marshmallows, telling stories, and just relaxing by the warm fire can make for some memorable moments.

Fire Pit Table with Spark Guard

Are Fire Pits Safe

Depending on where you live you’ll want to determine what type of fire pit to purchase.  If you’re in areas that are extremely dry or if you live in heavily wooded areas you may choose a gas fire pit for ist predictability and controlled burn.  However, if you live in an area where wood is plentiful and you don’t require the caution of a gas fire pit a wood burning fire pit might be the choice for you.

Gas fire pits are extremely safe and reliable.  They typically operate with a secure on off valve and when used properly it doesn’t get much easier than lighting and turning off your gas fire pit.  Wood fire pits on the other hand take a bit more work to light, and once they’re going they’re not easy to extinguish.  Even after dousing your fire pit with water it’s still possible for the fire to smolder and start back up again.

For this reason I feel that gas fire pits are safer and much more convenient than wood burning fire pits.

Propane Gas Fire Pit Table with Tile Mantel

Convenience Vs. Cost Of Operation

A wood burning fire pit offers cheap or even free fuel if you live in a wooded area.  Although having cheap and even free fuel you would think that people would use their fire pit more often.  But, the inconvenience of having to light the fire, sit there until it’s out, and of course the intrusion of smoke and sparks does tend to make wood burning fire pits a bit of a pain.

Propane and natural gas fire pits on the other hand are more expensive to operate because you’re paying for fuel costs.  But the ease of operation, lack of smoke, and the ability to shut off the fire pit and just go inside without worrying about the fire being out makes up for the cost.

Also, think about what happens whenever you’re around a wood burning fire pit.  No matter where you sit, or where you move to you’re getting blasted by smoke.  At the end of the night you go inside smelling of smoke, clothes get burned, patio furniture seats and covers risk burn holes.  I mean I hate to sound like a sissy about it but burning wood can take a lot of the fun out of it.

On the other hand…there’s nothing like a natural wood burning fire to warm up the night.

But What About The Flame

Admittedly the flame on some gas burning fire pits can be wimpy, and that makes for a pretty lame fire.  No one wants to sit around a fire pit that has a flame the size of a Bic lighter.  So be sure to do some research if you decide to go this rout.  There are plenty of gas burning fire pits that have beautifully large flame presentations to choose from.

This is an area where wood burning fire pits take the advantage though.  There’s nothing on the market that I’ve seen yet that emulates a wood burning flame like a real wood burning fire will.  For some of you who love the experience of a real wood burning fire, you’ll be disappointed with a gas fire pit.  It’s just not the same.  I’ve seen hundreds of fire pits at industry trade shows and no matter what the manufacturers do I don’t think they’ll every be able to replicate the unpredictable and enchanting flame presentation a wood burning fire has to offer.

Copper Wood Burning Fire Bowl

In Conclusion

At the end of the day I feel the gas burning fire pit is the way to go hands down due to ease of operation, safety considerations, lack of smoke and sparks, and overall appearance.  I’ve sat around both, and I feel the convenience of gas goes a long way.  Friends can sit around the fire and reside to the home without stinking of smoke and worrying about ash in their hair or burn marks on their clothes.  If you’re a real die hard and just can’t stomach the idea of burning fuel in a fire pit or if you just love the look of real wood then by all means go with your heart on this one.

But if this entire time you’ve been thinking all along about the same benefits mentioned here then I hope this confirms your thoughts.

Fire House

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